Blood & Plunder - French

February 13, 2018

So I gave in. After regretting missing the first Blood & Plunder Kickstarter, I jumped in on their expansion last year. But one does not just simply hold on until Kickstarters deliver when there are lovely starter sets just waiting to be picked up. So here we are with photos to prove.

Marins Marins

Boucaniers Boucaniers

Filibustiers Filibustiers

Milices des Caraïbes Milices des Caraïbes

Francois L'Olonnais Francois L'Olonnais

Francois L'Olonnais, back Francois L'Olonnais

I'm a big fan on this range. The sculpts are excellent and characterful but the best bit is really how they're produced. All the models come as single piece metal casts. Including the base. So no assembly, no building of bases required. Clean up, prime and paint.

The starter force

The most keen-eyed reader might have noticed that my set is missing the French captain model. He is currently AWOL. Or caught by the Spanish or in the guts of a shark. Wildest estimates say that he'd be somewhere in my closed with other un-painted miniatures. Until he shows up Monsieur L'Olonnais can fulfil will be happy to fulfil the captaining duties.

Thanks for checking out.

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