Crisis 2017 photos

November 20, 2017

Crisis, the biggest wargames show in mainland Europe, was held at Antwerp, Belgium, on the first weekend of November. Having heard lot of praises of the show online, this year I booked a weekend getaway with the missus and visited the show for the first time. The show is organised by the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp club.

As usual, I gave the camera shutter no mercy. Here's my collection of photos from the day.

Massive Fantasy game This massive fantasy game greeted the visitors right at the entrance...

Massive fantasy game continues ... and the table just went on and on...

The shore end of the fantasy game ... until the sea, featuring this beautiful frigate...

sea fort ... and a sea fort

Battaille de Redjaf Battaille de Redjar, 1897

Battaille de Redhaf The Sudanese battle line

Sword and Spear game "In the Name of God" game set up by the South London Warlords (of Salute fame) using Sword and Spear rules

Sword and Spear

Sword and Spear

Dalek Invasion Another game by SLW, Doctor Who themed Dalek Invasion!

Dalek Invasion Gotta love the rollups in the backround for rules reference!

Dalek Invasion One sneaking by the wall...

Post apoc Very cool post apoc board. Unfortunate I did not note down the rules used

Post apoc

League of Augsburg League of Augsburg had a 1690s Flanders game out

League of Augsburg I love the flags and the central building

Poltava game Poltava, on a decent sized board...

Poltava game Flags galore

Flanders 1793 Flanders 1793

Flanders 1793

Men Who Would Be Kings Men Who Would Be Kings game

Men Who Would Be Kings

Men Who Would Be Kings

Sharp Practise Sharp Practise

Chain of Command Too Fat Lardies running Chain of Command demos

fantasy A fantasy game of a very cool table. Unfortunately missed the rules used

Cold War game Cold War gone hot game

Hinds Gotta love the Hinds

Cold War gone hot

Blood and Plunder Leicester Phat Cats had a very nice Blood & Plunder game out

Blood and Plunder

Blood and Plunder

Blood and Plunder Well dressed gentlemen

Dystopian Wars Dystopian Wars

Dystopian Wars

Dystopian Wars

40k game Some grim dark sci-fi game

Spectre Spectre game featuring an epic submarine board!


Spectre Some of the interior detail for the submarine showing

Spectre The table had so much detail, background is a different game

Another Spectre game Another Spectre game

Chopper Chopper

Spectre VW, always a good touch



T-34s T-34s lines up for a Battlegroup game

Battlegroup, cows Cows about the charge the Panther in this Battlegroup game

Pacific game US Marines vs. the Japanese in this WW2 pacific game of Chain of Command

Pacific game

Pacific game, M4 tank M4 Sherman takes aim

Pacific game, IJA tank in flames IJA tank knocked out

Flames of War Flames of War, Battle of the Bulge game

Fallout! The upcoming Fallout game demoed. This was very cool

Fallout The miniatures and the terrain looked very nice. Pre-production AFAIK

More Spectre More Spectre. It clearly is the current hotness on the modern period

More Spectre

Muskets and Tomahawks Muskets and Tomahawks game on a stunning table

Konflict 47 Konflict 47

Market Garden Market Garden game by Old Pikeys

Market Garden The Germans strike from the cover

Market Garden

Market Garden

Trenton 1776 AWI, Trenton 1776. Black Powder rules

Trenton 1776

Trenton 1776

Trenton 1776

2nd northern war 1655, Swedish invasion of Poland

2nd northern war Village behind the walls

Crooked Dice, 7TV Crooked Dice and 7TV game demo.

7TV, Film Crew 7TV, Film Crew at ready


Collision the Game A completely new game to me, Collision. A very interesting card-driven mechanic. If you like a bit of bluffing in your games, definitely check them out.

Collision The miniatures were rather cool as well

Collision More Colision action

Panzerkids! Panzerkids. The next generation of wargamers in the making

Arnhem WW2 WW2 Arnhem game. The terrain is 3D-printed


I had a very enjoyable day, chatted with bunch of friendly people, made some good purchases and overall had wonderful time.

In addition to having a top notch wargames show, Antwerp is a beautiful city and well worth visiting on its own. Thanks to Tin Soldiers for well organised, friendly and welcoming event. Expect too see me again!

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