Bolt Action – WWII Imperial Japanese Jungle Fighters

July 20, 2016

Long overdue for a blog post, here's some photos of my Imperial Japanese Army jungle fighters I completed last year for Bolt Action.

The figures are a mix of Warlord and The Assault Group. Scale wise these two match well, but sculpting styles are rather different. I don't really mind, most importantly I got plenty of variation in poses and models, all are wearing jungle type uniforms and these are all metal models so I didn't have to fiddle with the pesky plastics.

The IJA tropical uniform colour was a bit of a challenge. No paint from the ranges I have available is a direct match (despite their names) so I ended up mixing my own and painting the uniforms in layers with an airbrush. The method has quite many steps but is reasonably fast do with an airbrush. I started with a base coat of VMC Chocolate Brown over a grey primer, followed with VMC English Uniform (which is also the colour for the helmets) and few of layers of VMC Middlestone mixing more VMC Iraqi Sand as I progressed. After that, there was very little brushwork, just emphasising some shadows.

IJA Rifle Squad Rifle squad

IJA Sergeant Rifle squad sergeant

IJA Command Group Command group

IJA Sniper Team Sniper team

IJA Sniper Team Sniper team, from above

IJA Machine Gun Machine Gun

IJA Medic Medic

IJA Infantry Dug-in infantry squad

IJA Light Machine Gun Light machine gunners

IJA Rifle Squad Rifle squad

IJA Basic details Basing details

IJA Rifle squad details Rifle squad details

IJA Artillery observer Artillery observer with radio

IJA Flame thrower team Flame thrower team

IJA Anti-tank rifle team Anti-tank rifle team

ITA Tank hunters Tank hunters

Thanks for checking out. I have few more Bolt Action forces to photograph and post here, so if you're into 28mm WWII remember to stay tuned.

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